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Precision Nutritive Support for Critical Care


Medostic develops closed-loop systems that individually monitor and treat metabolic needs of critical care patients.

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Medostic clinical decision support software. Medostic digital therapeutic systems.

Clinical Decision Support Software

Medostic develops proprietary integrated inpatient clinical decision support software to personalize metabolic treatment of critical care patients with the mission of improving glycemic control, inflammation, nutrition and other indications for use common during the acute phase of illness and injury.

Medostic metabolomic monitoring of glucose, lactate and other metabolites of body energy state

Biosensor Metabolomic Monitoring

Medostic combines measurements of glucose, lactate and other metabolites of the Body Energy State with proprietary algorithms to prescribe personalized infusion administration of formulations and therapeutics for critical care patients. 


Formulations and Therapeutics

Medostic proprietary formulations and therapeutics will be indicated for use for metabolic and nutritional needs including glycemic control and other indications for use of critical care patients and are currently in clinical trials.


Lactate Shuttle

Lactate shuttle theory

Changed Science / Changed Medicine

Based on Lactate Shuttle theory discovered by Medostic cofounder Professor George A. Brooks at UC Berkeley, the role of lactate  has at least three main uses in the body: It's a major fuel source, it's the major material to support blood sugar (glucose) level and it's a powerful signal for metabolic adaptation to stress. 

Lactate supplementation therapy has been shown in clinical trials to improve outcomes in critical care patients with stress hyperglycemia, inflammation (e.g. traumatic brain injury, acute pancreatitis), nutritional needs and other indications for use that are typical during the acute phase of illness and injury.

Journal Reference:

  1. George A. Brooks. The Science and Translation of Lactate Shuttle Theory. Cell Metabolism, 2018; 27 (4): 757 DOI: 10.1016/j.cmet.2018.03.008

Click here to find out more at UC Berkeley News


Cofounder Michael A. Horning

Medostic founders Michael Horning and George Brooks

Michael A. Horning, Cofounder & CEO

  • Medical diagnostic, device, software and therapeutics entrepreneur, inventor and biochemist. 
  • Vision of company to individualize metabolic monitoring with algorithm directed nutritive therapy was inspired by a personal experience helping a family member heal from traumatic brain injury (TBI).  
  • Inventor with over 10 issued US and International patents and numerous US and International applications submitted and in preparation. 
  • Spearheaded efforts to integrate patent claims into FDA strategy and ongoing registered clinical trials. 
  • Author of approximately 50 peer reviewed articles and research scientist with over 20 years at UC Berkeley.

Cofounder George A. Brooks


George A. Brooks, Cofounder & COO

  • Professor Integrative Biology, University of California, Berkeley.
  • Discoverer and worldwide main proponent of Lactate Shuttle theory.
  • Inventor with over 15 issued US and International patents and numerous US and International applications submitted and in preparation. 
  • Honor Award recipient from the American College of Sports Medicine.
  • Honor Award recipient from the American Physiological Society.
  • Member of the National Academy of Sciences panel that wrote the scientific report that is a basis for the dietary guidelines.
  • Inventor of Poly-Lactate & Cytomax that was licensed to Cytosport. Cytosport was sold to Hormel in 2014.


Medostic closed loop system

  • Medostics is an early stage digital therapeutics company that is developing closed-loop systems for critical care and is currently seeking funding  and partnerships to commercialize the clinical decision support software as a medical device (SaMD).
  • Medostic closed-loop systems extend "tight glycemic control" closed-loop systems based on insulin titration to more advanced understanding of metabolic and nutritional pathophysiology of illness and injury. 
  • All components of the Medostic closed-loop system (therapeutic, diagnostic, device and software) have blocking US and International IP opening large global market potential targeting the ~10 million US and EU ICU patients.
  • Medostic technology involved with phase 2 clinic trial and pre-IND with FDA has been conducted for next indications for use plus intended use for clinical decision support software as medical device (SaMD).
  • Future potential includes ongoing development of a proprietary fully automated Medostic closed-loop system including therapeutics, diagnostics, devices, software, and systems related to comprehensive body energy state therapy for multiple indications for use.



  • Medostic advisors, contractors and partners are worldwide experts in science, medicine, technology, business, regulatory, law, industrial design, UI/UX design and finance.

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